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Highway Child LIVE 9 Piece Band - Soul, Funk & Blues

Saturday 30 July 2022 - 7:30 PM until 10:01 PM

About the Event

Last year was a real bummer and we had NO RockFEST..........i know it made me almost cry to.......
So here's to another GREAT night of LIVE entertainment we have planned for FREE at the Winter Green.
We have LIVE music from the band "Highway Child" 7 piece band - playing Soul, Funk and blues.....!
The usual cost to see this Band is £10/pp........ but due to the horrible year we've just had were letting all our "Winter Green Supporters" enjoy this night for FREE!!!!
As you can see from the videos below, these guys are truly talented and LOVE getting the audience involved....
If the weather permit (which trust me it can rain for us during a heat wave, when we plan an outside event) we will have an AWESOME GARDEN PARTY!
IF its rains.....(because its bound to for us... hahaha) then this event will be inside.
Get this date in your diary now!!

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